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13,000 kilometers living out of the Xtremada soft panniers

Decided to change the OEM panniers with Soft ones just before  12 000km+ planned trip in the Caucasus mountains to the east.  My choice was BUMOT Xtremada soft panniers  including   integrated rack-mount tool box  which keep all my tools over the trip , allow me to change a flat tire on the go, adjust the chain, change brake pads / etc .
I ended up doing more than 1000km off-road and Xtremadas never failed me. I dropped the bike a few times, even on some rails in Armenia  - there was no any damages.
My only concern about “going soft” was how waterproof this solution is?
So, after 3 hours of pouring rain, not even the outside of the inner dry bags were wet!

I just love the 4 small pockets on the sides of the bags - your daily hydration, the oil for your oiler, some snacks are on arm lengths away!

My final test was a low-side with about 120 kmph a result of wet tarmac road. I was sure that have  lost my trusty luggage system, since it took most of the beating! But it was not! After 420 meters of sliding ( hello modern era, you could even track your falls on all the gadget you have on yourself :) ) there was just  cosmetic damage, pannier  racks safe the bike and there was no any damages ! It was a stress test, which the Xtremada passed and even exceed!
Great job, Bumot!

Keep them coming :)

Sincerely in love with your products,

Dimitar Kambarev

Фирма „3 А ТРЕЙД“ ООД започна изпълнението на договор за предоставяне на безвъзмездна финансова помощ по процедура: BG-RRP-3.004 „Технологична модернизация“. Проектът се реализира с финансовата подкрепа на Национален план за възстановяване и устойчивост, съфинансиран от Европейския съюз.
Номер на договора за безвъзмездна помощ: BG-RRP-3.004-0321-C01.
Срок на изпълнение: 12 месеца
Място на изпълнение: гр. София
Обща цел: Постигане на устойчиво развитие и растеж на „3 А ТРЕЙД“ ООД, през средносрочния период 2024г. - 2026г., чрез повишаване на производствения капацитет и разширяване дейността на предприятието.
Обща стойност на разходите: 629 777.26 лв., от които 314 888.63 лв. европейско и 0.00 лв. национално съфинансиране.