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Max and Sabine feedback

Two years ago we met at the Intermot in Cologne, where you convinced me of the quality of your panniers.
After 14 months of traveling and about 60.000 kilometers I can only say you were right. The bike has fallen  six or seven times and there is nothing wrong with the panniers. Locks, water tightness, rack, everything is still okay. We hope that we can travel for another year and then we will send you a final conclusion.
We already made a lot of publicity for Bumot during our trip. Advertising would be even better if the Bumot stickers stayed on well. This is the only negative remark we have, not for us, but for you. The first sticker we lost on the Pamir highway, after four months of traveling. We are about to lose number two soon. Time for another supplier?
I am very satisfied and would like to share this with you, if it had not been good you would have heard it also. Attached a few photos.

Greetings Max and Sabine